Ibn Masood Institute is moving to Dallas

دروس القرآن

Quran Lessons

Quran Cashar/Dugsi

Ibn Masood Institute is moving to

Dallas Tennis Center

35 Hepburn Street Dallas (Close to Broadmeadows Mosque)

After 4 years of Quran teaching and producing many quraa and hufaz the maddrassa needed urgent expansion. The place in Bonwick street, Fawkner was becoming very small. Alhamdullih by the grace of Allah we managed to secure the big tennis center that inshallah  will suite our children. The image of the Quran madrassa must be warm , welcoming and  fun area. This image will be imprinted in the mind of our children as they grow. There is ample space and play area for the children to run about after they finish their Quran. Large kitchen, separate entrance for our daughters, air conditioned, two tennis courts, a back yard, and plenty of safe parking, pick up and drop area.



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