Quran at Ibn Masood

                              Ibn Masood Institute

 New Students registration for 2013 will be on Saturday the 26th of January 2013.

Venue: Roxburgh Park Youth Center, 75 Lakeside Dr, Roxburgh Park (next to the Secondary College)

Time : 10 am


Quran  program,

1)       First the child will learn how to read ( Noorani Qaeeda)

2)      After finishing Noorani Qaeeda the child will move on to Nazeera (Reading from Quran by looking)

3)      When the child masters reading,  and is able to pass the reading test  with at least 80% score the child will start HIFZ (Memorization)

The students will memorise first Juzu 30, 29,28 and then Albakara and Ali-Imran (total of approx. 8 juzus).


Islamic studies: how to prayer and general Islamic tarbiya will be taught indirectly through lectures and mentoring sessions with the children.


Arabic Hand writing will be taught during Quran classes after the children have been tested and their homework is given.


During each stage the teacher will give constant feedback to the parents and if there are any progress problems they will be dually notified.




Qaeeda and Nazeera 20 minutes daily is the minimum.

Hifz: check the hifz program sheet.


Dress code: No shorts or singlets please.

Please tell your children to be on wudu when they come to class as they will touch the Quran and sometimes we do prayers together.


-Please , you must try your best that the child attends the classes with minimum absence. Children learn from us how we respect time by attending the school on time. The lesson times are


Generally start at  5.30-7.00 for week nights.

For Saturdays  9.00-10.30 session one

                          10.30-12.00 session two


Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me

Ustaz Abdelhay’s telephone No. is 0402 536 552


Wa salamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu