Homeschooling Sessions (2020)


In the name of Allah the most merciful the most gracious. We praise Him and we send our salutations on Prophet Mohamed and all the messengers, May the peace and blessings be upon them all.

 The Hifz of the Quran is easy. Allah says (Indeed we have made the Quran easy for seeking advice, so is there one to heed to the advice, Surat Alqamar 54 – Verse 17). The Ulema said the meaning of this verse is ‘we have made the memorisation of the Quran easy’. A child’s capacity for memorisation is enormous. With the right guidance and help, Hifz can be done with ease by the will of Allah. 

At Ibn Masood Institute, A Hifz program that has been running successfully since 1996 is conducted. Hafiz Abdelhay is an experienced Quran teacher who has been teaching in Australia since 1993. He had his primary education in Egypt and finished his high school certificate in Australia. He then travelled to Pakistan to pursue Ulum AlDeen and graduated from the Hifz faculty of Madrassa Arabia Raiwind. He has been teaching Quran ever since till present day.


Classes can be booked between


Monday – Friday      7.30 am – 12.30 pm , and evenings 5.00- 7.30 PM

Saturday                  9 am -12.00 pm 


Sessions must be booked. Please make an appointment. No walk-ins.

For boys and girls (men and ladies are welcome) Female teachers are available working under the supervision of Hafiz Abdelhay.

Last Updated May 2020